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Jack in the Bottle
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T Teen
Alcohol, Scary Imagery and Language
(Ratings Explained)

Genre: Mystery Drama
Medium: Computer Generated
Release Date: Oct 1, 2003
Running Time: 16 minutes

Film - (46mb, 15 minutes and 42 seconds, Quicktime Sorenson 3)

Synopsis: Jack is an alcoholic who must confront the "spirits" of his past, and a tragic event that took place a year ago on Halloween night.Credits

Created by - Clay Martin

Additional Voices
John "Shadow" Hall
Martha Martin

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User Reviews
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Review by: djr33 10:04am 12/16/06 (Edited 10:04am 12/16/06)
Symbolic and interesting. This film is a great use of 3D graphics that, though unrealistc, represent something well.
The pace is slow, but it fits the plot. That does, however, leave a bit of room for the viewer's mind to wander.
I'd recommend watching Jack in the Bottle.
Review by: Ian Hubert 10:22pm 12/12/06 (Edited 10:22pm 12/12/06)
I've watched this movie 3 times, and each time I see something new. It's a good story, told effectively. Good job, dude