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Y Youth
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Genre: Sci-Fi Fantasy
Medium: Live Action
Release Date: Jul 4, 2006
Running Time: 40 minutes

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Synopsis: Caden lives in a small town built along a slow moving river. He does not ever remember having a dream. Sword lives in a vast city built on rocky pinnacles drifting in the clouds. He, too, does not remember ever having a dream.They are two identities sprung from one mind. When Alexander, a man "...voyaging [his] way across the vast empire of humanity's sleeping mind..." manages to enter Sword's world, Sword, and Caden, must find a way to repel his omnipotent attacks and restore peace once more to the increasingly entropic city of IDEALITY.Credits

Directed by - Ian Hubert
Nick LaFleur
and Nathan Oquist

Caden/Sword - Ian Hubert
Angela - Hannah Porter
Alexander - Isaac Oquist
Flint - Nathan Oquist

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Review by: Yodaman 5:23pm 12/16/06
I don't know why this film is getting such a bad rap. I think it was amazing. A totally unique plot plus major doses of Ianness makes perfection in my opinion. Most people didn't get the shock ending but I did. Really think this is one of Ian's best.