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Submission Guidelines:

These guidelines act as theBRB Theater T.O.S. We reserve the right to change them, and it is YOUR job to know and understand them.

  • Films may not have extreme content. This will be determined on a case by case basis. However, you can know that while violence and language may be accepted, nudity will most likely not be. Assume a PG-13 film is appropriate.
  • When a film is hosted by, that is ALL is responsible for.
  • When you submit your film, you are entering into a non-binding agreement to let us host your film.
  • It is YOUR job to let us know if there is a problem with your film, and it needs to be taken down.
  • is NOT responsible for any legal or other complaints against your film.
  • We recommend that you get all cast and crew to sign waivers, but this is for your protection, not ours as we have no responsibility to handle any complaints. That is YOUR job.
  • Once your film is accepted, we will need to work with you before it becomes available for download.
  • By submitting, you are agreeing to these guidelines.

If you agree with these guidelines, then please continue in the submission process. If you have questions, please contact us.