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In a short paragraph, summarize your film. Remember, don't give anything away as this is what viewers will see first.
About 4-6 credits can fit on the main page.
If you cannot fit all of your credits here, the rest will be displayed in a popup window.
If the area on the main page is not enough for all of your credits, a popup window will be displayed. Please including all credits in this list (including credits listed above).
Either supply a link to where we can view your film or a description of how we can view it.
If trailers and/or teasers exist for your film, please supply a link or description of how to view here.
Please link to a location at which we can view the poster for your film. If a poster is not available, a "poster frame" (a still from your film) could work as well.
If you have any bonus materials available for the film, please describe and/or link to them here. The details can be worked out later.
Examples: alternate ending, soundtrack, behind the scenes feature, script, storyboards, etc....
Additional Info:
Is there anything else you would like us to know before submitting?
Request hosting?
Note: Due to limited resources, we do not accept hosting for all films.
Since hosting is independant of acceptance to the theater, this does not change whether or not we will accept your film. If you do request hosting, be aware that it may take several weeks for the anonomous judges panel to review your film.
For films accepted to the theater but not hosted, we will include a page for the film, but will link to the external files you supply above. We can work out the full details of this later.