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Frequently Asked Questions:

1.-Q: Is film hosting free?
   A: Yes, of course. But if you want to make a donation...

2-Q: What about content-- is anything allowed?
   A: We won't host anything with content that is too extreme. Our rating system allows different content levels, so anything up to about PG-13 will be fine. Anything beyond that gets less clear. Language and violence may be excepted, but nudity will almost certainly not be. Please inquire about specific situations.

3-Q: Will my film be accepted?
   A: Once you submit your film, and if it meets our guidelines, then our judges will review the film. If it meets the high quality standards, then, yes, it will be accepted.

4-Q: If my film IS hosted, what happens?
   A: theBRB theater will host your film on a long-term basis. We will need a full resolution copy of your film on DVD,CD, or transferred over the internet. This will then be compressed by us. If you compress your own film well, however, we may use your version. We will also need more content from you. We will give your more info on this as the submission process continues.

5-Q: If my film is NOT accepted, what happens?
   A: We will let you know why your film was not accepted, and you will be welcome to submit another film. Remember, we will strongly encourage very high quality films, so your film may not be bad or even below average, but it might just not be outstanding.

6-Q: I want the film that I am making to be accepted. What should I do?
   A: Take a look around at the other films and see what we have already accepted. The basic guideline to follow when making your film should be that people should want to view it.

7-Q: Who will decide if my film is "good enough"?
   A: A judges panel (anonomous) will review your film and vote.

8-Q: What kind of films will you host?
   A: Anything. Diversity is great. We will not accept anything that does not match our content guidelines. Any style is fine. Films of any sort and even documentaries are fine. Fanfilms may also be accepted, but they must be just as good quality as the other films. Fanfilms will get no special treatment.