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Author Topic: Marvels Casting Call: Lots of Voice Actors Needed!  (Read 3197 times)
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« on: February 16, 2009, 09:42:18 AM »

I know this board is in limbo right now, but I am in dire need of actors right now, so I'll try here and see if I get anything.

Recently I announced the start of pre-production in my new fan film project, Marvels. A departure from my past two projects, this stop motion animated film will shift my efforts from the Star Wars saga to the vast universe of Marvel Comics. Also unlike my past film, this is going to be a 5-7 minute faux trailer in the vein of Grayson and World’s Finest and is a direct adaptation of the classic graphic novel by Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross.

Since this is an animated project, I am in a great need for voice acting. There are currently 18 parts in need of actors, and all but one require only a single line (the other one requires only two).So if you would like to try a bit of acting and get credit for a movie this is a perfect chance for you to knock something out quick. I will provide a line for each character, along with descriptions and a bit of acting direction. Please email me at with an audio sample of your voice saying the line. I will update this thread as parts get cast.

Thanks and good luck!


This is the next major character in the line-up. Gwen Stacy (a character from years and years of Spider-Man comics and played by Bryce Dallas Howard in Spider-Man 3) is a young college girl who features heavily in the life of Spider-Man but is now struggling with the death of her father and confused about her feelings for Spider-Man. I’d like the following line to be read with a bit of sadness and confusion.

I hated him at first… but now … I wonder if there is a face behind that mask.


Just like the character of Phil, his future wife, Doris, is featured at both a younger and older stage in her life (also early 20’s and mid 40’s). Both lines could be done by the same actress or by two different ones.


In this line, she has just sprinted to her boyfriend (Phil) and is in a panic about a superhero fight scene she just witness.

I was on my lunch break…


In this line, Doris is about to tell Phil about a big secret their daughters have been hiding, so a hint of fear and nervousness would be great.

I…I think you’d better see this.


This character is a newspaper editor, although I’d like him to be a lot more subdued that, say, a Perry White type (that’s another character). As you can see in the line, the character is surprised in this scene.

Phil… you’ve been begging to go to Europe for months!


This character is the famed superhero from the Golden Age and sometimes foe, sometimes ally of the Fantastic Four. I’ve always imaged Namor kind of having an alien and exotic voice like Spock's (, except with emotion. As it can be seen in the line, Namor is very angry and ready for revenge.

This is my final warning! Get off my trail, Torch… or suffer the consequences!


This should be played completely straightforward. As the message he is giving is grim, there should be a hit of fear in his voice as he says this.

I’ve been asked to inform you that the Sub-Mariner has launched a military attack on all of civilization.


As this is a simple line, so nothing is really required other than you be a female. As this bystander is witnessing Captain America leap into action, her voice is full of surprise and excitement.

There he is!


Just like the above line, nothing required other than you be a male, except this is an older man (late twenties/early thirties). His man Phil Sheldon just took a great picture, so his is being very congratulatory.

A front page for sure. Money in the bank!


This is another newspaper editor, and unlike the previous one I’d like this one to be more like the stereotypical image of a newspaper editor ( that you seen in countless films and TV shows, aged and wizened but loud and grumpy. He is elated as he is saying this.

Look at this! We’re the hottest paper in the city!


As the description states- I need a male who can sound angry and shocked. Not much else to say.

They tried to kill a man!


This is going to be one of those “The end is nigh!” guys. I don’t want this line to sound cartoony. He needs to be very assertive and confident, as if he believes absolutely everything he preaches.

There shall be three signs! Three signs and then the apocalypse.


Just speak this in the same detached, emotionless way news anchors on any professional station report the news.


Playboy Tony Stark has vanished, just days after the incitement…


This is a random neighbor of Phil’s who is involved in a large anti-mutant mob, so speak this line with anger and a dark conviction.

Mutants! In our own neighborhood!


This is a very stubborn and hostile anti-mutant senator. He needs to sound literate and well-read, yet he must be highly emotional and roused-up in this line.

I have created a defense for mankind! The mutants will never take over the human race! Not while my army of Sentinels lives!


These are the robots built to hunt and kill mutants. They need to sound robotic (duh) and monotone. This is a good example of what I’d like them to sound like. This is for anyone who does droid voices for fan films.

We serve none!


This is an older man, and in this scene he is in the midst of a very hateful and violent mob. His voice should be filled to the brim with anger and a lust for violence.

Come out and die muties!


I really don’t know if anyone here would be able to voice this character, as she is eight years old. But if anyone here is able to do this somehow, she is completely terrified, as she is hiding from the ugly world outside. In this scene she is begging Phil to let her stay with him and his family.

My parents w…went away. Are…are you going to send me away?


This character is a very nerdy and mousy woman in her early thirties. She is a bit meek and shy, although in this scene she is finally letting her frustrations out, as she is not happy with the direction Phil is leading his life.

All the things you’ve done… all this… and it’s like it means nothing to you!

I understand that I won’t be able to cast everyone at once, but I’m just putting all the characters out there to ease the process. As I said earlier, if you’re interested please send me (PM first preferable) an audio file of you reading the line. Thanks and good luck with the auditions!

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