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Author Topic: Geeks Underground - Web Series  (Read 3745 times)

Nitro Blade

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« on: September 19, 2008, 10:54:29 AM »

Hey guys, been a long time. thought I'd let you know about my new project.

Geeks Underground Teaser (a short scene from the first episode)

Teaser (
Teaser (youtube)
Teaser (quicktime)

GEEKS UNDERGROUND is a new 8 part comedy web series that follows four geeky friends and a computer that wants to take over the world.

When Andy (Shayne Devouges) comes back from University a changed man and meets up with his old friends, he discovers that not only have they not changed, but Neil (Nico Racicot) is still girlaphobic and lives with his parents, Trevor (Samuel Chan) is still addicted to gaming, and the two of them brought in Silent Denis (Marco Penn) to replace Andy. On top of that, M.A.L. (voice by Comedian Andrew Searles), the egomaniacal computer that is bent on world domination, is still up and running and up to his old plans.

What happens when the geeks go above ground, girls are introduced, gaming addictions take hold, friendships are put to the test, old enemies return, and the computer sits idly by planning his conquest?

Coming soon, Fall 2008


Series Created by
Jonathan Starr (myself)

Writen and Directed by
Jonathan Starr (myself) and Howie Punn

Extra Writting credits
Samuel Saulnier

Produced by
Jonathan Starr, Howie Punn, Samuel Saulnier, Melissa Fuller


Check out our website :

and become a fan on facebook for updates:

The series is shot using two DVX cameras, one DVX100b and one DVX100a. We are almost done production and hope to release it very soon.

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