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Author Topic: Comparison  (Read 2343 times)



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« on: March 12, 2006, 04:17:36 PM »

What you will see in a second is four red buttons.  The two on the left are the old camera (Sony HandyCam), the on in the middle is M@ (DVC30), and the one on the right is JB (DVC60).

All three cameras are zoomed in all the way, however, the old cam has a different zoom than the new cams, so, the right two and the bottom left are at 300%, and the top left is at 225% (to show size comparison).  It looks like this:

Anywho, it is a 1 second clip just to show you motion, so you will want to loop it... just tell QuickTime to loop it (Apple L on Mac, don't ask me how on Windows)
Direct Link (right click, save as) (1.5MB)

I was also asked for one without the digital zoom, so here it is with everything 100%:
Direct Link (right click, save as) (3.4MB)

I also just noticed that the rocks at the bottom look different...  here is the same size comparison as the button but on the rocks:
Direct Link (right click, save as) (1.8MB)



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