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Author Topic: SWT CASTING CALL  (Read 2246 times)
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« on: February 13, 2006, 05:01:03 AM »

I tried finding all of my actors on TFN and while I found a hefty amount I didn't find all of them, which is why I'm trying here. I'm searching for anybody on here who can voice the caracters I will specify later. Here are all the remaining characters:

#1- LAMA SU. Self-explanatory. Sample line:

That's enough. For the maker's sake it's his first time fighting in armor!

#2- Bail Organa. Huge major character. Need this guy really bad

I'm the senator of Alderaan. I need to attend this hearing. Please step aside.

#3- Jan Dodonna. Yadda yadda yadda.

You don't want to do that, Senator Organa.

4- Dexxter Jettster

Hey, buddy! You need a lift?

That's all for now. More may come later. Please audition guys if you think you can do the lines. You don't know how much this'll help me out.

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