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Author Topic: *FORUM RULES*  (Read 2142 times)
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« on: December 30, 2005, 06:00:51 AM »

Okay, I am now a mod and am in charge of this forum. That means that now anyone who comes here has to listen to me, even if you have three times as many posts as I do. I'm not going to be a Hitler or Stalin or anything, but I will be strict if you brake the rules. As rules go, they're the same here as on the BRB (no spamming, no flaming, no trolling, be kind to your lovely BRB neighbors, ect.), except for some exceptions:

1. NON-RELATED POSTS: If any of your posts are going to be related to yourself, things about your life, ect. please post them in the main BRB. This is for SWT related stuff only.

2. SPOILERS I will probably post the script sometime soon. It will have a spoiler warning, meaning if you read the script the film won't be as fun. Spoilers go in that thread and in that thread only. No exceptions. If you get caught posting spoilers in a non-spoiler board, I will use all of my powers and grant some powers from Daniel to make sure you are punished.

For the new actors to this film, this board is for you. However, I do suggest that you introduce yourself to the main BRB first since this is just a little forum and I assure you you'll make lots of friends here. Thanks and have lots of fun!


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